Pre Investment Investigation

  • Site survey & Site Selection
  • Soil Test
  • Feasibility Report & Optimisation studies
  • Cost Evaluation & Techno - Economic Appraisal
  • Conceptual Design & Basic Engineering

Contract Engineering

  • Preparation of Estimates
  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Obtaining Approval from Clients
  • Inviting Tenders
  • Tender scrutiny & Analysis
  • Preparation of Contract Agreement
  • Bill certification
  • Contract closing

Statutory Body Clearance

  • Preparation of plan, Elevation and Sectional drawings for approval
  • Preparation of Drawings for Inspector of Factories for approval for Industrial projects.

Finance Management

  • Preparation of financial flow charts at various stages of project.

Detailed Engineering

Architectural Scope

  • Site layout
  • Plans, elevations & Sectional Drawings
  • Finishing Treatments
  • Joinery details
  • Water supply & sanitary details
  • Interior furnishings
  • Furniture designs

Detailed Engineering: Analysis

The Services rendered under analysis and drawings preparations are :

  • Analysis of building for wind, seismic and dynamic forces wherever required.
  • Design of building elements in line with latest IS Codes
  • Submission of Design calculations for approving authorities wherever called for
  • All Analysis is carried out using internationally accepted packages like STRAP & STAAD Pro - 2006

Reinforced Concrete Structures

RCC details includes

  • Detailed shuttering drawings
  • Detailed Reinforcement drawings
  • Detailed Bar bending schedule
  • Detailed Embedded parts drawings

Steel Structures

Steel structure includes

  • Detailed steel design drawings
  • Detailed shop fabrication drawings
  • Material requirements
  • Erection sequence wherever warranted


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